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How Can You Help?

Kids Kingdom has several methods of raising funds. We use the more traditional means such as Our Christmas Fundraising Cocktail. The “Box Campaigns“ are donation boxes that are strategically placed in stores and restaurants in Ghana. Each type of box has a specific purpose and 100% of the funds are used towards this purpose. Our board members and other kind donators have also stepped up to the plate and filled in the gaps where needed, but there is more to be done and little hands ondeck so we encourage you to join us in making a difference one child at a time today!


Achievements So Far...

Public education in Ghana is provided for free. However, families must pay for books, school uniform and otehr items. This cost comesto approximately GHC150.00 ($100.00) per year, per child. This maybe one month's earning for many families in Ghana and when multiplied by numerous children, the payment is unattainable to many families in a lump sum payment at any one time.

How We Help:

Given the success of the Blue Box Campaign, Kids Kingdom decided to expand the program to raise funds for education Ghana's children. Kids Kingdom's White Boxes are placed with the restaurant “La Chaumiere“, the Diplomatic Shop and Max Mart. Customers from both commercial areas can leave a contribution at the end of their meal or shopping respectively. With the funds collected we can pay for children's school fees, school materials, uniforms, socks, shoes, umbrellas, hygiene items and books.

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In this campaign, boxes are placed at Shoprite (one of the large supermarkets in Accra) and Accra International Airport, raising funds for Health, Education and Operational Fund of Kids Kingdom Foundation Ghana but mainly this campaign is used to address children's issues that fall outside of the boundaries of the National Health and Education. These funds ensure that our work will not stop.

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Some of our board members visited the children's ward at the 37 Military Hospital and were shocked by the poor conditions of the facilities. This children's ward was in a dilapidated state and had not been refurbished for many years. Most of the furniture and fittings were in need of repair or replacing. So then we decided we will make a difference.

How We Helped:

Kids Kingdom took the case to potential donors who eagerly canme on board. We raised funds to assist this hospital. Below we have listed just a few of the things that we addressed:

  • Retiled 7 toilets and 4 bathrooms
  • Retiled kitchen and treatment room
  • Installed water tanks on roof
  • Fixed 4 new fans and lights
  • Provided key supplies:
    • Paracitamol
    • Suppositories
    • Malaria medications
    • Gauze
    • Bandages
    • Thermometers
    • An instrument to check Insulin level.
  • Provided and Installed:
    • 4 Water heaters
    • 2 Kitchen sinks and Taps cupboards for mums to keep their items
    • New Louvers and frames for all windows
    • New Hand Dryer for treatment

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In a world where most people are only focused on their own troubles, this story is certainly enlightening. Mr Ashie has been disabled from birth, unable to walk. As an adult, he was appalled by the number of children who were not attending school in his hometown, the fishing village of Jamestoen, located on the outskirt of Accra. He called some of them to him and began to teach them. Five children became ten, then 50. The local fishermen provided him with a warehouse and he set up his elementary school formally.

He now has 150 children, 9 classes and 10 teachers. Over the last 5 years he has sent 250 children on to secondary school.

He charges GHC1.00 ($0.70) per day, per child. For this he provides the children with education and a meal. Although the drop-out rate ia low, absenteeism is high on days when families cannot afford to send their children to school.

If you visit the school, you will find children who are neatly dressed on their uniforms and who appear to be motivated and eager to learn. Yu will find an environment that is organized and disciplined. This is surprising given that the building in which the school is housed is badly ventilated and poorly lit. The benches on which the children sit are dilapidated and all six grades of the school are in the same room with the teaches competing to be heard.

How We Are Helping:

Kids Kingdom has committed to improving the physical structure in which the children are being taught. We have architectural plans to improve and beautify the structure and gets as much ventilation as possible. These works are scheduled to start during the summer break. There is much more to be done.

Looking Forward:

Repairing the outer structure is just the start. We are seeking donors to help by providing:

  • New School furniture, benches, chairs, blackboards.
  • Teacher supplies, chalk, erasers and other materials.
  • Student school supplies (Uniforms, exercise books, pencils, school fees e.t.c...)
  • Library Supplies
  • Covering for the area in front of the school where assembly is held.
  • Supplies for the kitchen,hardware (plates, cups e.t.c) and food items
  • Training for teachers.

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