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How Can You Help?

Kids Kingdom has several methods of raising funds to support our course. Please contact our country manager or email us for more information on how you can support us make a difference, one child at a time.


Some Of Our Achievements So Far...

In 2009, Kids Kingdom, via our Health Fund, replaced 7 water closets; re-tiled 4 bathrooms, the kitchen area and the treatment room; installed water tanks; fixed 4 new fans and ceiling lights; installed 4 new water heater’s; 2 kitchen sinks and taps; provided locker’s for in-patients; changed all the broken louvres and frames on the windows and provided a new hand dryer. We also donated key supplies such as:

  • Paracetamol
  • Suppositories
  • Malaria medications
  • Gauze
  • Bandages
  • Thermometers
  • Insulin level monitor

Mr. Ashie’s Story

In a world where most people are only focused on their own troubles, this story certainly inspired us and so many others. As told by himself, Mr. Ashie was crippled from birth and never got the luxury of playing like most children. As he grew up, he was appalled by the number of children who were not attending school in his hometown, the fishing village of JamesTown in Accra. He decided to impart some of his educational knowledge and started teaching the basics to the few that were ready to learn. 5 became 10, then 20, then 50. The local fishermen whose children were suddenly learning to read and write lobbied with the District Assembly officials and provided him with a dilapidated warehouse on the beachfront; The King of Kings school was born.

When we met Mr. Ashie in 2010, he had 150 children, 9 classes and 10 teachers / teaching assistants. Over the years, approximately 550 children passed through his school to further their education. Although he charged only Ghc0.50 - Ghc1.00 per day per child, he managed to provide the children with an education and a meal.

Kids Kingdom committed to support Mr. Ashie’s school. With assistance from First Atlantic Bank, United Nations Spouses Association Ghana, Mr. Boateng of TransGlobal Logistics Ltd., Mr. John Mensah of Black Stars Football fame, Bola Ray, to mention a few, we improved the physical structure in which the children were being taught; donated new school furniture (benches, chairs and blackboards), teaching supplies, student school supplies, library books, food supplies; provided plastic plates and cups for each child; organized training sessions for teachers as well as a small supplement to their salary. To assist with his mobility, Kids Kingdom also raised funds and donated a motorized wheelchair to Mr. Ashie.

Despite his disability and the condition in which his school building was in, he was a loved and respected headmaster. Unfortunately, Mr. Ashie passed away a few years ago. He will always be an inspiration and will never be forgotten.

Give us a helping hand today

Certain institutions such as Shoprite, Orca Deco, Maxmart and the Diplomatic shop were very supportive in allowing us to place donation collection boxes at their premises:

  • White Box Campaign: Fund raising for our Education Fund
  • Blue Box Campaign: Fund raising for our Health Fund
  • Rainbow Campaign: Fund raising for our General Fund

To date, Kids Kingdom has influenced the education of over 12 children in Ghana at various stages of their educational journey. A few have been under our care from Kindergarten and are now completing secondary school. Other’s came under the Kids Kingdom umbrella midstream and have completed university.

Our Education Fund does not only support in terms of school fees and educational material; our holistic approach ensures the importance of education is instilled in the children; we engage them in social skills, challenge them to excel and dare them to dream big and achieve their goals and aspirations. Exposure is key and knowing they have our full support to accomplish whatever ambitions they set their minds to has earned us all amazing results.

Although public education in Ghana is free to some extent, books, school uniforms and other such costs come as an unattainable burden to some underprivileged families. Our Education Fund has supported many to bridge the gap.

The La General Hospital was experiencing a high infant mortality rate due to the lack of a baby monitor in the premature babies ward. We raised funds via our health fund and donated the well needed machine that has since saved countless lives.

Kids Kingdom has over the years donated items such as clothing, food stuff, shoes, books, televisions and financial support to several orphanages and deprived villages / townships all over Ghana. We do not only concentrate on our immediate beneficiaries. We solicit funds to support other NGOs as and when the need arises. For example, we have and continue to support worthy organizations such as Kinder Paradise, Smile Ghana, Royal Seed orphanage, Osu Children’s Home, New Horizon School, Gonteng township in Aburi, amongst others.

Every Christmas, we also embark on a special project to add sparkle and good cheer to children in need, be it in hospital, orphanages etc. In 2020, we brought priceless smiles to children admitted / visiting the Marie Louise Children’s hospital and Lekma Hospitals in the Greater Accra Region.

Our 2020 "Special Christmas Project" was immensely supported by kind donations of food stuff from Mr. James Boateng of Trans Global Logistics, Accra and sale proceeds from clothing donated by Mrs. Reinette Mettle of Alpha Haulage, Accra, amongst others. The children were thrilled to receive toys and a Christmas meal.

More in our gallery...

To commemorate our 10th anniversary and in line with our mission and vision, Kids Kingdom has embarked on a project that aims to accommodate 30 orphaned/abandoned babies/infants from ages
0 – 36 months at any given time. The "home" for the vulnerable babies will ensure they are given a chance to first survive; then an opportunity to develop in a stable and healthy purpose-built environment. Granted there are several orphanages in Ghana currently. What makes this unique is the fact that there will be no older children in the home. This will drastically reduce the risk of infections, neglect, abuse and ensure 100% focus on the infants’ well- being, especially the new-born babies. Since the attention will only be on the under 36 month olds, it will also be easier to source trained social workers / baby nurses to support the system, giving them a better quality of life and enhancing their survival rate.

After 36 months at the Kids Kingdom baby home, the infants would have built enough immunity and a solid foundation equipping them to face the perils of life.

The idea was birthed from an experience we encountered at an orphanage where the death rate of babies was high due to insufficient space, resulting in children sharing cots/beds with infants and innocently causing them harm.

Having consulted the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, her response cemented the idea and project. Her plan, depending on how the 1st home goes, is to encourage the construction of such baby homes across the country. Furthermore, it will make a good adoption start point, giving them a loving home rather than releasing the 3 year old infants back into the standard orphanage.

The Kids Kingdom home will be located on a piece of land owned by Kids Kingdom at Bawjiase in the Central Region of Ghana. We will work in collaboration with the Social Welfare to ensure the facility meets the right standard and statutory requirements. We are currently in the process of finalizing the drawings with the architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors. In their estimation, the construction of the home will cost approximately US$90,000.00 to complete.

Phase 1 will be the preparation of the land, drawings and permits. This should be done by May 2021. Phase 2 will be the construction of the Kids Kingdom baby Home. This should commence in July 2021 and be completed by November 2021. Phase 3 will be the finishing stage where we complete and equip the facility.

Inauguration of the Home will be in December 2021, by God’s grace.

We will be most grateful for your assistance as we embark on this gratifying journey to save as many babies/infants as possible.

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